This is Moses Carpenter -grave
feathers  and coins are still left for him today.
See picture.
On the 2nd day of September 2009 two ladies came to stay from louth,lincolnshire
England UK.
Sylvia & June have been tracing there family routes for a number of years and Sylvia has made her way to the Middlesbrough archives to trace her family tree and has gone as far back as the 1800`s over the years.
A thought came to mind; this idea of leaving your e-mail address & search names,has come from the idea of these two Ladies and a number of other guests tracing there routes from Middlesbrough and the surrounding area`s.
Just maybe-one day, you are looking for this Lady as part of your family tree.
So if you leave your e-mail address or contact details in our Ancestry family tree book,you never know!!Who might just be staying here and looking for you!!!
We wish you Good Luck with your searches and all the very best for the future.
Julie Bare
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